Friday, 26 June 2009

The reasons why UKIP will win in Rochford and Southend East

There will not be a sudden swing to Labour in Rochford and Southend East. No one can argue that, it is not possible; therefore a vote for Labour is a wasted vote.

The Liberal Democrats have no base of support in Rochford or Southend East so a vote for them is a wasted vote.

UKIP got more votes than Labour and the Liberal Democrats combined in this constituency. UKIP came a clear second. The voters support UKIPs views on Europe, Law and Order and constitutional change. These facts make UKIP the only national party that can challenge the sitting Conservative MP.

By the time of the General Election the Lisbon treaty will be ratified and the Conservatives will be exposed as not being willing to reverse this move.

Add to that the fact that the Conservative voters will not be happy with an MP who spent taxpayers money improving a property prior to renting it out and then bought a property with double the mortgage; which is also being paid by the taxpayer.

I am convinced that once the electorate realise that a vote for UKIP is the only alternative to Conservative; they will examine our policies, will be delighted by the expert and common sense nature of them and will then support our cause.