Friday, 30 January 2009

Give and Take,Take, Take, Take.

For every £100 the European Union takes from the UK in payment it returns £22 of it in "investment".

For every £100 the European Union takes from France it gives £98 back.

When will the British people realise that we are being taken for a ride. The people of South Essex voted in their tens of thousands at the last European Elections for the United Kingdom Independence Party, we now need those intelligent people to tell the other stupid people who want to take back control of our country but still voted Labour and Conservative to wake up and smell the coffee.

Don't get me wrong...if you believe it is a good thing that a foreign governing body creates 75% of our laws and bleeds Billions of pounds from us then vote for these other parties with my blessing. If you are one of the 70% of British people that do not want a further reduction in the sovereignty of our nation through the Lisbon treaty and still vote LibLabCON then you are a very silly person.

Take time to learn what political parties believe in, don't vote for a party because you think they represent your class. Ignore politicians that say they want one thing (e.g. less power in European Parliament.) but continue to support the party that wants the opposite. They do that to keep their jobs!!! That's not democracy.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fish for Fun- Not anymore.

All people who enjoy fishing in the sea, from a boat or a pier or on the Seafront will need to register their activities if a new European directive comes into force.

When you catch a fish you will have to declare it so that it can be included in the fishing quotas for the UK.

Failure to declare could cost you £50,000.

Its madness and I expect all fishermen to support UKIP the only national party that will return control of our fishing waters to the UK and stop other nations stealing our fish.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Challenge to Southend

These are the results for Southend Area at the last European election.

Conservative (putting Britain first) 14,090

UKIP 9,319

Labour 6,093

Liberal 4,925

We all know that the Conservatives do not put Britain first...this was a ploy to make people who voted Conservative think they were voting for what they believe in.

UKIP is the challenger in Southend and I am demanding that the media give it the coverage it deserves in South Essex.

I am also challenging Conservative voters to vote with their heads rather than remain committed to a party that does not stand up to Europe.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

South Essex Leads the way

The vast majority of peolple in this country want a referendum on whether we should continue to be a member of the European Union. In Southend Borough nearly 10,000 people voted UKIP at the last European election. This was the second highest number of votes.

UKIP is not a party that lacks support in Essex and we now have a voice in Parliament leading the way in fighting for what the British people want. Bob Spink is the first member of UKIP to be an MP. He has presented an early day motion in Parliament calling for a referendum on Europe to allow the people of the UK to assert their democratic right to choose their own future.

This platform is strong and once people realise that UKIP is the party that represents their views in all areas of domestic policy even more votes will come. Join the fight.

Its time to Wake up and smell the coffee!

Monday, 12 January 2009

EU costs £106,000 EVERY MINUTE

Appologies. The truth is that the EU does not cost us £106,000 every hour as I previously said ....its EVERY MINUTE.

Thats £152 MILLION each and every day. or over £55 Billion a year!!!!!

The Democratic Deficit

Why do people in this country vote against what they do not want rather than for what they do want. The brainwashing of the electorate by the media is that Labour and Conservative are the only choice when voting for the UK Government and as one fails you go back to the previous failed choice. Coverage is given to the Liberals as an opt out choice and worryingly a lot of coverage is being given to the BNP.

If you were to draw a line from left wing to right wing based on current policies it would look like this; with a huge gulf from the centre to the far right. Size is in relation to media coverage.


The problem is that the media is not giving UKIP the coverage it deserves. In my home town UKIP got the second largest vote at the last European election behind the Conservatives who dared to use the strapline...Putting Britain first!!!! (The public were Con`d again.) but the coverage of UKIP is almost non existent.

The media coverage means that many voters are jumping from Labour and Conservative to the far right out of frustration not understanding there is a choice that they can be comfortable with in UKIP. 20% voted BNP at the last local election in my ward. As more people make this jump it becomes more acceptable and the danger is that strong emotions will result in more elected BNP candidates and fractured communities.

When UKIP policies are explained to people the vast majority agree with them. It is the media`s responsibility to communicate this choice by giving more coverage to the party that best represents the beliefs of the British people.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A Post office in every Village

Most of us believe that local Post offices are good for the community and are a vital link for elderly people especially in villages. The only way we can achieve the reality of having a Post office in every village is by giving priority to the Post office when issueing Government contracts and by subsidies when the raw economics do not add up.

The European union does not allow us to subsidise our Post Offices. Therefore, the nest time you see any MP (apart from Bob Spink of Castle Point) standing for a photo op outside a Post Office ask them. If it is illegal to support these Post offices financially because we are a member of the European Union and the party you represent supports membership....why are you here. Are you being deceitful?

Only UKIP could deliver a Post Office in Every Village.

Its time to Wake up and smell the coffee!

Friday, 9 January 2009

UK Donates £2.5M EVERY Day

The UK donates £106,000 every hour to the European Union. We have lost control of our country with more than half of our new laws generated in Brussels. When Gordon Brown says British jobs for British people he sounded a touch racist but was lying as well. The European Union does not allow us to provide jobs specifically for our own people.

MP's pose next to Post Offices saying we will fight to keep these open. They do not tell you that we are not allowed to give practical financial support; because Europe says no.

They tell us what we can do.

They take our money.

They are unelected and unknown.

They have not had their accounts approved for many years.

That is why we must get out of Europe and take back control of our country.

UKIP is the only party committed to withdrawal from Europe. If you think it is good to be controlled from Brussels then vote Labour, Conservative or Liberal. If you agree that we need to leave; your only real choice is to vote UKIP.

Over the next 6 month I will be focussing on Europe as that election is just around the corner and the decision is quite straightforward. However the reason to leave Europe is to take control and improve our country, so I will also be giving a taste of what we stand for domestically within UKIP and what voting for UKIP would do to change the fabric of our country to face the challenges of this century.

Throw out the old tired politics and stand for real change. Wake up and smell the coffee!

#Please do not follow this blog if you are basically anti immigration or a nationalist; there will be nothing for you here. I believe controlled immigration has been wonderful for this country over the past century. However, we have recently lost control of it and it is now damaging the country and hurting past immigrants more than anyone.