Wednesday, 1 April 2009

G20 Immigration and the opportunity.

It is generally accepted that the current global economic crises can only be solved by action from the leading nations of the World. The United Kingdom is considered to be one of those nations. Its time we acted as a global player rather than being limited by the narrow minded Europhiles.

The growth in the world is going to come from the USA, the developing countries of South America and Asia (especially India and China.)

As a nation we have historic links with many countries in these developing regions and we should use these links to develop trade and friendship between our nations. The Commonwealth is a superb conduit to trading with the world and we should first apologise to the Commonwealth for neglecting our responsibility to it and then contribute to its development.

Tying ourselves to the old world of Europe does not make sense. We should continue to trade with Europe and enjoy the diversity of the countries and the history but we should not submit to their alien will and style of government.

We have a huge talent pool of British Indians, British Chinese and British Africans who could lead the way in opening up markets for our companies. This is one advantage of the controlled immigration of the past.

Let me be clear...immigration is currently out of control and we have to get it under control before it affects internal relations and destroys our public services by putting unplanned strain upon them. However, we must also accept that immigration on the whole has been good for our country and could offer us some huge advantages when dealing with the new world.

So UKIP wants to limit our relationship with the old mainly white Europeans and deepen our relationships with Asian countries, India and China. Surprised!!

UKIP also wants to save Italian, French and Spanish national differences so we can enjoy those differences. Do we really want to live in a one size fits all culture?

That isn't racist..that isn't little is a more international approach than any of the other parties will give you.

I was pleasantly surprised when I met the membership of UKIP at the annual conference last year. You will not find a political party with greater love not only of their own country but of traveling and building relationships with other countries of the world. The experience killed off any nagging worries about UKIPs image that I may have had and I am now proud to stand fully behind their/our banner.

Vote UKIP on UK IndePendence Day on June 4th. Lets take Britain forward to fulfil our potential in the World.

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