Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A controversial? Parent and Government 12 point program to improve our Country.

  1. Children are placed into appropriate learning environments at age 14 Academic/Vocational/Active

  2. Children are excluded from those learning environments if they disrupt.

  3. Parents ensure their children are not allowed to play computer games during the week and are limited to 1 hour of non academic on-line time a day.

  4. All children to be given a bed time by their parents.

  5. Children eat dinner with their parents.

  6. Parents are held responsible if their children are engaged in anti-social behaviour.

  7. We ensure our children have a future by employing UK Nationals (currently eight out of ten jobs go to people not born in the UK.)

  8. We re-open the youth and learning support centres that this government have closed.

  9. We invest in a national sports and pastimes network.

  10. We invest in our children’s education, remove tuition fees and give grants to our gifted students.

  11. We invest in our own people rather than spraying cash all over the world to support bankrupt nations and corrupt governments.

  12. We reward hard work and punish those who can’t control themselves


  1. I agree with all of the above, it all falls down though with the underclass of people that have spawned this generation of louts, have no incentive to police the above points. ( if they were motivated to do so, they would have already done it and we would not have a problem) if your suggestions are to succeed then something needs to be done about the parents.

    I would also add into the list, the school curriculum to cover the fact that materialism is not the be all and end all of life.

  2. I intend to post a comment when I have jumped through all the necessary hoops

  3. There is nothing controversial about about those aims, but
    ITEM 4 could read:-
    Parents to give children a bedtime appropriate to their age.
    ITEM 5 ought to say:-
    Parents to cook dinner for their children and eat it with them.
    I am tempted to suggest two more aims:-
    ITEM 13 Parents to say "NO" when they mean No, and, subject to reasonable argument, stick with it, in order to give children the certainty and consequent security they need (and crave)
    ITEM 14 In line with the ancient wisdon enshrined in the Latin Motto "VITUS LAUDATA CRESCIT", parents to give children explicit praise when they do something right.

  4. CORRECTION:- R missing from VIRTUS