Sunday, 1 February 2009

British based Jobs for people

British jobs for British people was what Gordon Brown said. This is inflammatory, has a tinge of racism and is economically stupid.

Everyone is attacking Brown saying its time to deliver...well he can't, either can Cameron. The problem is we have an open house policy that allows too many non-British people to come to our country and take advantage of our economy and our Welfare, Education and Health systems.

Only UKIP among the mainstream parties can control immigration and ensure priority for legal immigrants and British residents. The EU opens our borders to the world.

There is no point trade unionists holding wildcat strikes, being indignant and then voting Labour or Conservative. Why lose pay and demonstrate in the streets if the fault is your own. Wake up and smell the coffee. Vote UKIP, get out of the EU, control our borders, ignite trade with our former friends of the commonwealth. Work with the new world not the old. Grow British based jobs for all people who are legally entitled to be here.

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