Friday, 30 January 2009

Give and Take,Take, Take, Take.

For every £100 the European Union takes from the UK in payment it returns £22 of it in "investment".

For every £100 the European Union takes from France it gives £98 back.

When will the British people realise that we are being taken for a ride. The people of South Essex voted in their tens of thousands at the last European Elections for the United Kingdom Independence Party, we now need those intelligent people to tell the other stupid people who want to take back control of our country but still voted Labour and Conservative to wake up and smell the coffee.

Don't get me wrong...if you believe it is a good thing that a foreign governing body creates 75% of our laws and bleeds Billions of pounds from us then vote for these other parties with my blessing. If you are one of the 70% of British people that do not want a further reduction in the sovereignty of our nation through the Lisbon treaty and still vote LibLabCON then you are a very silly person.

Take time to learn what political parties believe in, don't vote for a party because you think they represent your class. Ignore politicians that say they want one thing (e.g. less power in European Parliament.) but continue to support the party that wants the opposite. They do that to keep their jobs!!! That's not democracy.


  1. where do you get these figures from? Please quote the source. Thanks.

  2. These figures are taken from Remote control how the EU controls your life published by the Independence and democracy group.