Friday, 9 January 2009

UK Donates £2.5M EVERY Day

The UK donates £106,000 every hour to the European Union. We have lost control of our country with more than half of our new laws generated in Brussels. When Gordon Brown says British jobs for British people he sounded a touch racist but was lying as well. The European Union does not allow us to provide jobs specifically for our own people.

MP's pose next to Post Offices saying we will fight to keep these open. They do not tell you that we are not allowed to give practical financial support; because Europe says no.

They tell us what we can do.

They take our money.

They are unelected and unknown.

They have not had their accounts approved for many years.

That is why we must get out of Europe and take back control of our country.

UKIP is the only party committed to withdrawal from Europe. If you think it is good to be controlled from Brussels then vote Labour, Conservative or Liberal. If you agree that we need to leave; your only real choice is to vote UKIP.

Over the next 6 month I will be focussing on Europe as that election is just around the corner and the decision is quite straightforward. However the reason to leave Europe is to take control and improve our country, so I will also be giving a taste of what we stand for domestically within UKIP and what voting for UKIP would do to change the fabric of our country to face the challenges of this century.

Throw out the old tired politics and stand for real change. Wake up and smell the coffee!

#Please do not follow this blog if you are basically anti immigration or a nationalist; there will be nothing for you here. I believe controlled immigration has been wonderful for this country over the past century. However, we have recently lost control of it and it is now damaging the country and hurting past immigrants more than anyone.

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