Monday, 12 January 2009

The Democratic Deficit

Why do people in this country vote against what they do not want rather than for what they do want. The brainwashing of the electorate by the media is that Labour and Conservative are the only choice when voting for the UK Government and as one fails you go back to the previous failed choice. Coverage is given to the Liberals as an opt out choice and worryingly a lot of coverage is being given to the BNP.

If you were to draw a line from left wing to right wing based on current policies it would look like this; with a huge gulf from the centre to the far right. Size is in relation to media coverage.


The problem is that the media is not giving UKIP the coverage it deserves. In my home town UKIP got the second largest vote at the last European election behind the Conservatives who dared to use the strapline...Putting Britain first!!!! (The public were Con`d again.) but the coverage of UKIP is almost non existent.

The media coverage means that many voters are jumping from Labour and Conservative to the far right out of frustration not understanding there is a choice that they can be comfortable with in UKIP. 20% voted BNP at the last local election in my ward. As more people make this jump it becomes more acceptable and the danger is that strong emotions will result in more elected BNP candidates and fractured communities.

When UKIP policies are explained to people the vast majority agree with them. It is the media`s responsibility to communicate this choice by giving more coverage to the party that best represents the beliefs of the British people.

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